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A place where you can feel the passage of time
Marking new time in the ancient city
Cherish every changing moment of your trip

Room Information All rooms are designed with different themes.
Each room has its own unique atmosphere, So please spend a meaningful time.


Regarding the “amenity supplies” installed at the hotel, we are actively using natural materials and products derived from nature.
Based on the idea of “vegan”, one of the concepts is an environmentally friendly approach.

shampoo, body soap

shampoo, body soap

Super bouncy essential oil shampoo treatment

  • 98% natural material,100% essential oil formulation
  • Non-silicon Silicon,paraffin, paraben free
  • No animal ingredients used

skin care

skin care

MUJI Herbal Series

  • Domestic herbal skin care Toner emulsion No artificial coloring added Uncolored,
  • weakly acidic,
  • paraben-free

Effe cleansing oil

  • Oil-free
  • cleansing liquid Highly blended organic beauty ingredients in hot spring water and base

Toothbrush etc.



  • Uses natural bamboo,
  • reducing the amount of plastic used compared to conventional products

Brush shaving

  • Biomass series
  • ** What is Biomark? Utilizing biological resources (biomass), It is a mark of environmental products that meet quality and related laws,
    standards, standards, etc.
    Contains about 20% of old rice and crushed rice that are not suitable for ingredients.
    CO2 generated during combustion does not cause global warming.

Toilet paper Ecology Tissue paper

Toilet paper

Toilet paper

  • Reusing non-white beverage containers

Ecology Tissue paper

  • Paper refined from natural wood pulp


  • No fluorescent agent or harmful additives

Initiatives for SDGs

  • As part of our environment-related measures,
    we use bamboo and natural materials for amenity products. We are actively adopting.

SightseeingNearby information

Information on recommended sightseeing spots There are many famous sightseeing spots around the hotel.Here is a guide to the main recommended surrounding information.

Yasaka Shrine

Yasaka Shrine

  • It has been called (Gion-san) for a long time and is the head temple of Gion shrines nationwide.
    The Gion Festival in July and the pilgrimage to New Year’s Eve are famous.


  • The birthplace of the Nembutsu, the temple of the head temple of the Jodo sect, where the founder of the Jodo sect, Honen Shonin, tied Yoshimizu’s hermitage.


  • A river that flows through Sakyo and Higashiyama Wards from between Mt. Hiei and Nyoigatake.
    Red Gion Town


zizi Kyoto Gion

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〒 605-0065
320 Furunishi cho, Higashiyama ku Kyoto city, KYOTO

About 7 minutes on foot from Exit 2 of Kyoto Subway "Sanjo Keihan" Station
About 7 minutes on foot (500m) from Exit 2 of Sanjo Station on the Keihan Main Line
About 10 minutes on foot from "Gion Shijo"

Hotel zizi 2nd (provisional)

will open soon

ZIZI KYOTO Gion supports
the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).